Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bits and pieces

Kinda obsessed with this picture. The casual men's shirt, the messy hair, the sunnies, the red lipstock, the pose. Ahh! (I made it my wallpaper on my ipod...weird?)

I cleared out a bunch of old songs from my ipod. Highly recommended. Shuffle is a much more pleasant process now.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with shorts. As in, I love them in theory, hate them in execution. Why are good, flattering ones impossible to find?? Who knew my savior would come in a $10 pair from F21? (So of course, I bought 2 pairs!)

This article provided an interesting look at the future at F21.

Mmm. The casual collegiate look.

Cheap, fun things to do in LA? I'm down.

I kinda wish I was doing this right now. Magazine perusing and lunch at a cafe in Paris? S'il vous plait.

And lastly, I'm 100% addicted to homemade bruschetta. Seriously, it's a problem. So good!

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  1. ah yes, my music preferences are constantly evolving so I'm constantly getting rid of stuff. I'm guilty of listening to the same album or playlist for weeks on end so shuffle is nice for reminding me of old stuff that I still like too.

    I've given up on shorts at the moment. Skirts have become my best friend.