Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Eh eh, nothing else I can say

[Image: weheartit]

Today is definitely one of those days where you just grab your headphones, blare your music, and wait for tomorrow.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garden party

Um, could these things find their way into my closet? Like, now please?

[Images: H&M garden collection]

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So I watched two films recently about Chanel's life: Coco Chanel (the lifetime one) and Coco Avant Chanel.
The Coco Chanel one was pretty good. Not great. I guess my main complaint was the choice of Shirley MacLaine as the older Chanel. She didn't even speak with an accent!
Coco Avant Chanel was pretty good too. Great costuming. And I love Audrey Tautou (if you haven't seen Amelie yet...what are you doing??) She seemed like a great fit as Chanel. And I must admit, it was nice to get to listen to french, it is a beautiful language.
Knowing next to nothing about Chanel's life going into these movies, it's hard to say which one (if either) tells an accurate story. But it was really interesting to learn more about the icon behind the brand. (And now I want to know even more...)

Monday, March 22, 2010


So I've been seriously sweating druzy agate ever since I saw it featured on Cupcake and Cashmere's blog/etsy. Too bad they sold out in like 3.5 seconds. I'm in loveeeeee.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Alexa bag

The "Alexa" Mulberry bag.

Want it. Need it. Love it.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So, like I said, I'm taking a little breaky break next weekend and flying to see a bunch of friends. Excited! Now, what to pack. I have the most difficult time packing for vacations. I always want to bring way too much. I know in my head that I won't need everything I think I will (that old adage "pack half of what you think you need and twice the money" is so true), but yet I still cram as much as possible in.
I know that this weekend will involve: lounging by the pool, lots of walking, and going out every night. So I need comfy, cute clothes for daytime, and something extra cute for nighttime. And speaking from experience, our night plans will involve a lot of walking as well. So heels are probably a no. They always seem like a good idea in the beginning of the night, but by the end, I'm dying.
So, in my mental suitcase, I already have some outfits picked out...and like 4 pairs of shoes. 4!! Come on, really? Knowing me, it'll all end up in there and I'll end up borrowing clothes from my friends anyways.
C'est la vie.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days where you can't help but smile:

It was Friday. Weekend!
And the weather was nice and sunny for the first time in a long time. 

Which really makes me crave: 

A swimsuit.
A vacation.
And a margarita.

Doesn't this look like where you wanna be?

[Image: Getty Images]

So to satisfy this craving, I headed over to Target to buy some new swimsuits. I usually mix and match my suits, sticking with basic black bottoms, but buying new tops every year. So I bought these ones:


And even though when rompers starting becoming a trend, I was on the fence, now I want one! Just as a beachy cover-up, lay around the house thing. But still! 


I'll be heading out on a mini-vaca in a few weeks to visit some college friends and I can't wait! Hopefully it'll be full of sun, fun, good friends and good drinks!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Arbor Day Farm

So I was looking up something for work the other day (not just cruising the internet - I swear!) and I stumbled across this place:


Apparently the Arbor Day Foundation has a hotel? In Nebraska? But whatever, it looks pretty cool to me. I'm dying to climb that treehouse. And I think I would definitely hang out in the Library Lounge, sipping drinks by the fireplace. Mmm and all the food/wine looks like it would be so fresh and delicious.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Best gowns in town

So my mom and I stuck it through all the way to the bitter end last night, and here are the dresses that had me drooling...
Just a gorgeous, glam gown.

I love love loved this dress. 50's with a twist. Sparkly, modern and fun.
A dress totally fitting of an oscar-winner.

I love the unique silvery/grey/blue color of this.

Self-explanatory. Meryl can do no wrong in my book.

I love the bold print.

Again, I love the risk of a printed dress on the red carpet. Very flattering on her.

Alright, so I admit to bumpin' "Party in the USA" while working out (ok, and sometimes on the way to work too), and I also admit to really liking this dress. I think she looks chic.

Blush/nude color dresses were a big trend last night, and I really like this one. Soft and feminine.

[Images: Getty Images]

What I didn't like? Zoe Saldana (just too much going on for it to be a wearable dress, looks more editorial to me), Sarah Jessica Parker (the buttery yellow really flattered her, but the rest really didn't do it for me) and J.Lo (I felt like the dress was more worthy of a nominee)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Magazines stacked and ready to read. Cool drink in hand. Sweats on. Clearly, I'm ready to watch the mammoth show that is the Oscars. I've printed out my oscar bingo cards. (I don't think anyone else will be playing with me, so I'm gonna play all three by myself) We'll see how long I can stick it out with this show (seriously, how long is this thing? I feel like the pre-show has been on for like 3 hours already) And of course I'll be updating later this week with what I thought of all the dresses.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


How beautiful is this month's anthro catalog? I love the lush, tropical feel of it. Doesn't it just make you long to move to Bali, wear loose dresses everyday and sip refreshing drinks? Pictures from their catalogs always end up in my inspiration book. But for some reason, no matter how many times I request catalogs, anthro has been slacking on sending them to me (I stole my mom's this month). Maybe they've caught on to the fact that I never buy, I just drool over the pics? (But I am bummed I missed the February catalog, that one looked pretty cool)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inspired by...

I was in ballet for all of like 3 months as a kid (my mom says I really just wanted to wear a tutu...all about the fashion since the day I was born).
So I'm really feeling the whole "ballet with a twist" thing going on right now...
Especially this shot...

[Tracy Reese]

And this editorial...

[Images: Carter Smith, February issue of Elle]

So here's what I'd wear to create my own look. Feminine, soft, cozy pieces in shades of grey, black, pink and cream, with a few chains and studs thrown in for added interest.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle