Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Je ne sais quoi

I took French all four years of high school, and people always looked at me a little funny when I told them that, since it's not the most "practical" language. But it's beautiful! Unfortunately I haven't kept up with it since then, and on my trip to France last year I only remembered enough to be able to order crepes (which is really all you need, to be honest). On my next trip to France (I'll make it back there for a trip longer than three days if it kills me), I'd love to hit up Laduree. They are probably the most famous macaroon makers in Paris, and their website is making me drool a little bit. They have an amazing menu that I actually printed out to put in my inspiration book, it's that gorgeous. Here are some pics for you to enjoy (every shop is so pretty!):


Wouldn't having tea and macaroons on the Champs Elysees be so quintessentially French?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Grove

One of my fav places in LA is The Grove. It's half modern shopping center, half a glimpse into LA's past. The newer part is filled with awesome shops and apartments (I would kill to live there!). It also has a two-story Barnes and Noble that I could spend hours wandering around in.

But my favorite part is the old farmer's market. It is filled with tons of fresh produce stands and has booths serving up any kind of food you can think of. It's a great place to people-watch (and stuff yourself silly with amazing food). I don't get to go there a lot because driving in LA scares the ever-living out of me, but everytime I do, I love it.


Monday, December 28, 2009


My philosophy when it comes to high heels is, the higher the better. (I don't always agree with this statement at the end of a night of wearing four inchers...)

But in the words of Rachel Zoe...I die.

My lovely, chic cousin sent me a gift card to for Christmas (thanks dear!). I spent a long time perusing the site, trying to pick just one. This is the one I finally settled on. Isn't it sweet?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm currently tracking Santa and watching the marathon of A Christmas Story (my personal Christmas tradition). I'll be spending my day tomorrow eating the amazing fruit compote I finally convinced my mom to make (it's like fruit and sugar cooked into a chunky syrupy deliciousness) and drinking more martinellis than one person really should (and of course watching A Christmas Story until my parents yell at me to stop).
Hope you have a good holiday!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trinity College

When I visited Dublin last year, we stopped at Trinity College to see The Book of Kells. I hadn't heard of it prior to our visit, but they were pretty amazing to see. But my favorite part was going through the college's library. It was like my childhood fantasy come true. (My childhood fantasy was to have the library from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Actually, I still want it.) This library had two stories with a curving staircase to reach the books on the top shelves. It's still one of my favorite parts of Dublin.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Lust List II

Even though I already got my birthday/Christmas present (these. love them. they make me feel like this.), a girl can still dream right? Here's what I would want waiting for me under the tree...

A cool geode necklace that I've loved ever since I saw it in the UB catalog.


Menswears pjs. They always look classic.

[Image: Ralph Lauren Rugby]

A cardigan with a griffin on it? Yes please. So east-coast prep-school chic.


Jeans with my name on them? (Literally, they're called "sydney skinny jeans") Obviously, they make my list.


A leather mini that I'd pair with tights and a cardi to tone it down.


Sparkly flats to jazz up my usual jeans and a tee combo.

[Image: Tory Burch]

Ankle jeans. I know at my height (5'3''), this is probably just a fantasy since even my regular jeans are always about 4 inches too long, but hey it's my dream list!


I have been drooling over this bag for months. I wanted the purple (ok the fabulously rich girl in my mind wanted the purple), but it's all sold out.

[Image: Ralph Lauren Rugby]

A rugby sweater. I really love the collegiate look.


Flat boots that could be worn forever since they'd look even better a little scuffed up.


So the Glamourai is calling ankle jewelry as the next thing. I'm loving it!


If you know me, you know I'm slightly obsessed with Paris and the Eiffel Tower. I think I have like 4 Eiffel Tower figurines now? Yeah. This shirt would be another quirky way for me to display my love.


Love this. It reminds me of a chandelier....for your neck.


Tuxedo pants. These ones still keep the classic lines down the leg, but put a modern twist on it by making them skinny.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New York, New York

How magical would it be to spend Christmas in New York? That would be a dream come true for me...
First I'd crunch through the snow in Central Park.

[Image: tomas fano flickr]

Then I'd visit Dylan's Candy Bar. Doesn't it look like a real-life Willy Wonka?

[Image: borring flickr]

[Image: luxielou flickr]

Then I'd visit all the stores to see their holiday window displays. My reaction would probably be similar to the kids in A Christmas Story.

This is the Macy's display this year. Amazing! I would love to be one of the people that gets to put these together.

[Images: Justin Kern]

Then I'd visit the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.

And go to the Top of the Rock for a breaktaking view of the city.
[Image: christinabox flickr]

Then I'd go to Toys R Us to ride the ferris wheel.

[Image: mine]

And FAO Schwartz to play the piano a la Big.

[Image: sparks68 flickr]

And end my visit at FAO Schwartz's old school ice cream shop. Whew!

[Image: Heather Cross,]

Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh, to be in Paris

[Image: gremillot flickr]

It is currently snowing like crazy in Paris, and I would give anything to be there. How amazing would that be? Paris is already one of the most beautiful cities, but it looks even more charming covered in a blanket of snow.

Grace Kelly

Next year, an exhibition of Grace Kelly's style will debut at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. And since my parents are planning a trip to London next year (and since I'm planning to crash their trip), I hope I can get to go!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getty Villa

The Getty is a huge (free) museum in LA. It houses everything from modern photos to antique European furniture (although the gardens are my personal favorite). But I'm actually a bigger fan of the Getty Villa. Nestled in Malibu, it feels like a hidden gem overlooking the coast. It's much more specialized: focusing on Roman and Greek art and architecture.

It's someplace I can definitely see myself sipping a cup of coffee and lingering over the different art pieces. Just looking at these pictures inspires me to add a little romanticism into my style.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


When I was in Europe, I didn't really have time/money to shop. But of course, I popped into Topshop to see what all the fuss is about. And I fell in love. Someday you'll make to LA Topshop, I just know it. And I'll be first in line.
Topshop at ShopStyle

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lust List I

Even though I'm currently living at Casa Mom and Dad's, I continue to drool over home decor items. I can't wait to decorate my own place! Here's what I'd fill it with:

I'd love to snuggle under this cable knit throw on a cold day, drinking tea and reading a good book. (see below!)

A beautiful set of hardbound classics will look great on a bookshelf or coffee table. (Ok let's be honest: I haven't read the classics since I was forced to in high school. But these books are too pretty to pass up!)

This would add a touch of whimsy to any place. It looks like it might be an antique you happened to dig out at a flea market.

A cheeky reminder to take a deep breath every once in a while.


I have tons of jewelry, but no good way to store it. This would showcase my accessories in a stylish way.


A totally nerdy-chic piece that I can see having a prime place on my desk. Can you tell I was a psych major in college??