Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shopping Quest

I go shopping a lot. Some people would say too much (I'm not one of them). Although I rarely go shopping in search of a specific piece, I do keep a list of necessary basics in the back of my mind, in case I ever stumble across one. Here's what I'm currently hunting for:

Boyfriend Cardigan

[Image: bodenusa.com]
I bought a basic black bf cardi last year at Old Navy and I love it. Too bad I haven't been able to find a similar one at my price range since! I would love to have some in a variety of colors. (PS - I found the one above via shopstyle, how cute it that picture?? I just love the union jack clutch.)


[Image: victoriassecret.com]
Leggings are a staple of mine, but I can never seem to find that perfect pair. I want them to be really opaque and come down to just above my ankle. At my height, that's hard to come by. I think I'm going to try these next.

Lip Stain
[Image: covergirl.com]
I've been searching for a good lipstain for months now. I tried the covergirl ones since just about every magazine I read raved about them. I was disappointed! The markers dried out way to quickly (or were already dried out when I bought them). I've heard there's a good Urban Decay lip stain, but it's sold out everytime I go to Sephora (I guess it really is good!) Any recommendations for a rosy lip stain that's long-lasting and will give me more than just a hint of color?


  1. try benefit's "benetint" stain. I use it mostly as a cheek stain but you can use it for lips too. i love it, it's super subtle, a nice natural flushed pink. it's a little pricey but it lasts forever. i've had it about 4-5 months and it doesn't look like i've used any of it. i also have a lip tint that i can't seem to find for the life of me right now. i think it's by maybelline, called "just bitten". they only had a blood orange color so it's a little more intense so i don't use it often.

  2. yeah I have the benetint one too, the color never seems to stick to/soak into my lips. hmm. but I looked up the just bitten thing, it's by revlon, so I think I'm gonna check it out! thanks.