Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Je ne sais quoi

I took French all four years of high school, and people always looked at me a little funny when I told them that, since it's not the most "practical" language. But it's beautiful! Unfortunately I haven't kept up with it since then, and on my trip to France last year I only remembered enough to be able to order crepes (which is really all you need, to be honest). On my next trip to France (I'll make it back there for a trip longer than three days if it kills me), I'd love to hit up Laduree. They are probably the most famous macaroon makers in Paris, and their website is making me drool a little bit. They have an amazing menu that I actually printed out to put in my inspiration book, it's that gorgeous. Here are some pics for you to enjoy (every shop is so pretty!):


Wouldn't having tea and macaroons on the Champs Elysees be so quintessentially French?

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