Friday, January 1, 2010

Up in the club, just sipping on bub

I hope you had a wonderful New Year's, whether you spent it at home or are still sleeping off going out last night. I went out for the first time (I know right? I've always stayed home for NYE) and had a blast catching up with friends and sipping (free) bubbly (champagne tastes better when it's free, fyi).

Luckily, I asked for today off from work and got to be totally lazy. I spent my day curled up in my Christmas gift snuggie (yes, I know it's totally ridiculous and unfashionable, but my theory on it is the same as my theory on uggs [or fuggs as I call them, cause mine are fake]: you know you look silly, but you're too warm to care), eating pizza, taking lots of naps and watching instant netflix. It was wonderful.

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