Saturday, January 2, 2010


I just watched Valentino: The Last Emperor and I loved it.


The movie dealt a lot with the relationship between Valentino and his co-worker/ex-lover/friend Giancarlo Giammetti. You could tell they had a lot of love and history between them. It was also poignant to see Valentino end his fashion career after 45 years and have his company fall into not-as-capable hands. The man is irreplaceable.
Other things I noticed:
Valentino's five pug dogs? Super cute.
How most of the people were able to effortlessly switch between speaking French, Italian and English. I wish I could do that.
The Colosseum lit up in Valentino red? Breathtaking.
Karl Lagerfield's words to Valentino: "don't quit, I'll never forgive you" and "compared to us, the rest of them are making rags"
The little "V"s on the tights in the final runway show. I love that attention to detail.
Hands down best part:
Valentino: How was I?
Giancarlo: Great.
V: Be honest.
G: Ok, I will tell you. You look too tan.
V: Tan?
G: A little less wouldn't hurt.
The standing ovation and Valentino tearing up as he walked the runway for what would be his last time: sad and beautiful.

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