Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've been exhausted all week (working retail during the holidays is not recommended). These are the things that keep me hanging on:

Banana Chocolate Spread

[Image: anshu_si flickr]

I picked this up at Cost Plus and I'm officially addicted. It brings me back to last summer when I backpacked through Europe and ate banana and nutella crepes every chance I got. I'm gonna be honest though, I don't actually spread it on anything, I eat it straight out of the jar! Is that bad?

Slipper Booties


I got these from the Gap and they are amazing. When I'm at home, I'm always in pjs or sweats (why do I need to dress up if I'm just watching tv? Why, I ask you?) And since the temperature has finally dropped in California, I can wear these booties too! Love them.

Friends Reruns

Especially their gag reels.

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