Monday, June 13, 2011

Midnight in Paris

Last Saturday, my cousin and I headed out for brunch and a movie. I had berry french toast (mmm), white peach sangria (double mmm) and we split a 6 beer sampler (yes, at 11 AM, thanks for asking).

Then we watched Midnight in Paris. Love. Love. LOVE. Not only did it have beautiful shots of one of my favorite cities, but I loved the plot, the actors, everything. See it. Seriously. (And check out my cousin's blog post here. Lots of cute pictures!) How in the heck does everyone dress so cute in this movie? Man, talk about clothing inspiration for my next trip. 

After that movie, we had to keep the Europe nostalgia going (we went to Europe together in 2008), we hit up the gelato stand. Wonderful day. Love you cousin!


  1. love you too! so fun. you need bigger pictures lady so i can drool all over that delish food we had.

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  3. made em a little bigger and a little fuzzier...still working on this technology thing