Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I'm reading: October

I'm starting a new series where I post (short) reviews of what I've been reading lately. Right now, I'm reading two books at once (I don't normally do that, but sometimes you need to break up non-fiction with something lighter). I usually hit my library bookstore to buy books since they are cheap, cheap, cheap! Place is a goldmine. 

Still in the middle of reading The Tipping Point. Since I was a psych major, I love getting to learn more about why people do what we do. This book explains how things become trends. What causes something to flop while something else can spread like wildfire? Definitely interesting. 

I picked this up because I liked her other book The Time Traveler's Wife. Just finished this. Started out ok, but quickly went downhill for me. I didn't feel connected to any of the characters and the ending felt fake. I wouldn't reread it. 


  1. If you like The Tipping Point you should definitely check out Freakonomics. Very interesting stuff.

  2. The Tipping Point is definitely on my list. So is Freakonomics actually.