Saturday, November 27, 2010

24 by 24

Inspired by posts such as this and this, and because I love lists and making goals, I've decided to make a mini life list to do by the time I'm 24. 

My 24x24:

1. Move out. Time to leave the nest (for real this time). 
2. Go to LACMA. I especially want to see their exhibit on European fashion and their outdoor Urban Light installation.
3. Donate my time or money to a good cause. 
4. Improve my mile time to 9:00 (currently clocking in around 9:45).
5. Go on a fabulous vacation.
6. Buy a quality pair of jeans.
7. Go kayaking.
8. Learn to cook something new. Thursdays are my night to cook around here, and my parents are getting a little tired of my standbys of pasta or breakfast for dinner. 
9. Have a technology-free day. No internet, no phone, no ipod, no tv. 
10. Go to a baseball game. I must admit baseball is not my favorite sport to watch, but going to games is so much better than watching them on tv.
11. Bake these.
12. Hike Half Dome
13. Deliver a really good maid of honor speech at my cousin's wedding. My dear cousin is getting married in February and I'm a little really nervous! Public speaking has never been my strong suit. 
14. Go to the FIDM museum. 
15. Have a picnic. 
16. See the World of Color at Disneyland. (Ok, confession, I saw this when I went to Disneyland on my birthday! When I made the list, I hadn't seen it. Does anyone else add anything to their to-do list simply for the satisfaction of crossing it off?)
17. Expand my brown bag lunch options. PB&J can only go so far. 
18. Get a massage. 
19. See a movie at our local theater that serves dinner and drinks. 
20. Have a totally lazy day. Stay in bed, read magazines, watch movies. No guilt.
21. Watch the first seasons of Mad Men, the Office and Big Bang Theory.
22. Learn more about Edith Head. Currently lusting after this.
23. Take a nice family photo.
24. Go to Vegas with my friends. This is becoming a yearly tradition for us. 

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