Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Autumn!

It's the first official day of fall (according to the calendar, not according to the thermometer). Fall is my very favorite season, and I can't wait to eat pumpkin-flavored things, wear scarves and boots, and drink hot tea. Until are a few noteworthy things:

I've been feeling ever so slightly under the weather all week, so I've been forced to skip the gym for 4 days. I finally made a return today because I was noticeably more stressed all week. Funny how much better exercising makes me feel, body and mind. 

I made this mac n cheese last night for my Thursday night dinner. Mmm mmm good. Cheesy, creamy, rich...but the best part is we already had all the ingredients on hand. 

Dear Ryan Gosling
Marry me. 

These videos make me so happy. And travel-hungry. 

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