Monday, February 6, 2012


So I don't know about you, but I'm still recovering from my Super Bowl food coma. Trying to get back in the swing of things. Anyways...something that has been dominating much of my brain space lately is my upcoming trip to NYC! A good friend of mine lives in upstate NY and I finally planned a trip out to see her. We are going to spend a couple of days in the city, then head up to where she lives for a night. I'm over the moon excited. Not only is NYC one of my favorite places ever, but I get to spend a huge chunk of time with one of my besties! I've only been to New York once, right after high school ended (side note - the picture above is from that trip, when our tour bus broke down. On a bridge. I don't need a repeat performance of that mmkay?) Since we won't be there for too long, it's hard to choose exactly what to do, but here are some ideas:

This has been on my bucket list forever, and the ice rink will still be up when we go! Plus, they have a ticket where you can go ice skating and then go to the Top of the Rock. Maybe I'll get to see Liz Lemon and Kenneth there?! (Yep, certifiably addicted to 30 Rock. When I have a bad day, I watch this clip of Kenneth. Or really any clip of Kenneth.)

Ok, dork alert here, but the first thing I told my friend I wanted to do was see the library. I mean, look at it?! It's ridiculously gorgeous. And I may or may not sit out front and pretend to be like Blair Waldorf. 

My cousin went there last year and informed me that the dum dum head, is not, in fact, real. This is a fact I'm still coming to terms with. 

There's a Serendipity in Las Vegas and it's a must-visit for me every time I'm there. It's so crazy delicious. Maybe we can get a frrrozen hot chocolate and pretend to be Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack? (I realize that all the things on this list reference some tv show/movie, but what can I say? I watch a lot of tv. )

And maybe most importantly - eat some pizza. NY pizza is bombdotcom. Yep, I pulled out the bombdotcom for that one. 

So, any recommendations on things to do/see/eat while I'm there?

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  1. 2 words: shake. shack. sooooo good. and I hear Morgan Library is amazing, we didn't make it there though. And the Met.
    P.S. the Empire Hotel is adjacent to Lincoln Center. CHUCK BASS!