Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school


Even though I'm officially done with school, I still love this time of year, and always have. Not so much the school part, but buying all new stuff? Oh yeah. I still get giddy at the idea of collegiate gear and new dorm essentials (thanks a lot, Target), even if I wouldn't have much use for them now. Here's what I would get if I was still hitting the books:
1. A simple varsity sweater to cover up in those chilly lecture halls [Gap]
2. A feminine version of the letterman's jacket [Urban Outfitters]
3. This messenger bag would let your tote all your stuff and look good doing it [Urban Outfitters]
4. A chunky, men's watch will get you to class on time [Urban Outfitters]
5. Nerd-chic glasses (just like the ones I wear full-time) [Urban Outfitters]
6. A colorful calendar to help you keep track of it all [Paper Source]
7. If you have to read the classics, at least make sure they look stylish [Anthropologie]

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