Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today felt blissfully like fall. Like real fall, not Southern California fall (which is all hot and windy and full of wildfires). And it reminded me that my very favorite season is just around the corner. Here's what I love:

-Football on tv. Basically the only sport I watch (and kinda understand).
-September magazines. The best magazines of the year, thick enough to be considered books.
-The arm workout you get from lugging around those magazines.
-My birthday!
-Halloween. One of my very favorite holidays. Pumpkin patch trips. Scary movies. Candy! Oddly enough, I don't love dressing up in costume.
-Fall fashion. Undoubtedly, the best season to dress in. I love layering - sweaters, boots, scarves - I can't wait to pull them out.
-Hot tea and a good book on the couch. Great any time of the year, but particularly suited to autumn. 
-Pumpkin-flavored everything.

So even though the weather here is due to jump back up to the 90s this weekend (ick!), I can just remind myself that all this loveliness is on the way. 

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