Sunday, January 15, 2012


I make new year's resolutions every year, with varying degrees of success. The ones that I have this year are pretty specific, which I think is key to making and maintaining change. My top 5:

1. Run a 5k. Last year, my cousin and I walked the Revlon Run Walk and loved it. I'd love to try running a 5k this year. 
2. Go digital. I've always been partial to my day planner, but this year I'd like to try and make the leap to digital. I'd like to hopefully organize my calendar, lists and notes in my phone and computer. I just downloaded iCloud to help me do this. 
3. Try out one new recipe a month. I'd love to improve my cooking skills. 
4. Cut down my trips to Target. Even though I love it, I gotta be honest and say that Target is a major time suck and money drain. So many impulse buys!
5. Try to pay in cash. I find it much easier to shop when I'm paying with a credit card. Hopefully paying in cash will make me think twice about my purchases.

Here's to a great year!

Also, 3 things that were interesting on the internet this week:
1. This article, entitled What Is It About 20-Somethings? An interesting look at how this generation is taking longer to grow up and the efforts to define this process. A lengthy article, but worth it.
2. Engagement photos inspired by Disney movies. I'm a Disney nerd, so I found these really cute. (although not sure if I'd go for an Alice in Wonderland theme...)
3. A hiking trail that is underwater during the summer, but uncovered during the winter. 

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