Monday, January 30, 2012

What I'm reading: January

This month, I read Freakonomics. This was on my "to-read" list for a long time, and I finally pulled it off the shelf. This book dives into the reasons behind what motivates people - and the answers might surprise you. Definitely not a typical "economics" book (in that I didn't fall asleep reading it). I love learning more about psychology, and I feel like this book really spoke to that. 

I also read Blink, which discusses how we unconsciously make decisions. Through interesting examples, Gladwell explains how we make snap judgments, and how they can be helpful, particular in life-threatening situations where over thinking may cause you to make the wrong choice. Again, psychology nerd, so I liked it. 

Last but not least, I borrowed Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close from my cousin. It's not your typical book - it contains pictures, sometimes there is only one phrase per page, and at one point all the words blend together and become illegible. Those make the book interesting to read, but the plot keeps you coming back. It's about a young boy whose father dies in 9/11. He finds a key in his father's closet and goes on a long journey to find what it opens. Throughout his journey, you'll learn more about his family and their history, from his grandparents' perspective. Some of the passages in this book were so beautiful, I read and re-read them. When I read about what the key belonged to, my first reaction was a little disappointment - but as my cousin said, the journey is more important, and the ending nicely blended his story with someone else's. A definite recommend. 

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