Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today, I spent way too much time cruising Modcloth. Even though I rarely do online shopping (it's a slippery slope my friends), I popped a few things in my cart. One is this snake ring...I bought one in England, but I can tell it's near breaking point, so I needed a substitute. I bought one other thing, but it's a present so I can't show it in case she's out there reading this. One thing I'm still drooling over is this. No way I could justify that price though. Have you ever bought anything from Modcloth? Their stuff is super cute, but it drives me CRAZY that every time I fall in love with something, I inevitably meet the words "out of stock". I wish there was a way to sort things by what's actually available!

1 comment:

  1. the out of stock deal is super annoying. I'd also love to sort by color or even sizes available. They have tons of cute stuff but I get super overwhelmed by the sheer volume, just dresses there's like 5 pages of 300 or something ridiculous like that.