Sunday, August 14, 2011


My cousin and I have a serious case of wanderlust. (Check out her super cute travel-themed tumblr) We love to travel, and I think our thirst for new places really kicked off with our trip to Europe in 2008. Ever since then, we've tried to explore as much as possible. The only problem is, we have champagne travel tastes on a beer budget. Until we strike it rich, we're content to soak up local culture (hence our recent trips to Dodger Stadium, the Getty, LA, etc.) We also try to get away for one weekend a year (08 - road trip up to Santa Cruz, 09 - Sequoia, 10 - Palm Springs). This year, we're heading to San Diego. Even though I've been a So Cal girl all my life, I really haven't explored San Diego all that much. We're only going for one night, but I'm really excited. I always have a ball with her. (And since we're both overpackers, it's like having twice the clothes to choose from!) Here is where we're staying (must admit, the rooftop bar pretty much made our decision for us). I can't wait! Any San Diego recommendations?

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  1. P.S. I'm moving to SD in October, so besides having to hang out before then, you should visit me there!!!