Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I'm reading: August

I never like to consider myself a book quitter. I usually stick a book through to the very end. However...this month, I picked up Anthropology of an American Girl. And I became a quitter. (I thought if I could make it through Twilight, I could make it through anything - guess not) I tried, I really did. But I HATED this book. Boring, whiny characters, no discernible plot - I gave up on this one around page 200. To recover from that book, here is what I read:

A Summer Affair. Perfect beachy read. 

The Raising. I looked at this at Borders a few times before I actually brought it home. It's a story of a college freshman, Nicole, who tragically dies in a car accident. Her boyfriend, who was driving the car, is blamed for her death. He becomes haunted by the accident, convinced that she is still alive. As the story unravels, the mystery surrounding Nicole's death grows deeper. You meet a cast of characters whose stories overlap and intersect. I found the subject matter really interesting, and the author's writing was great. In particular, the last 100 pages or so had me really eager to solve the mystery.....and then I felt like the story hit the brakes. The epilogue didn't give a concrete conclusion, and the one that it seemed to lean towards didn't seem plausible without more explanation from the author. Even with that, I'd definitely pick up another book from her. 

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