Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Last year, I heard about this event called Cinespia, where movies get screened at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. My mom, cousin and I packed up a picnic dinner (bread and cheese, grapes and sparkling lemonade - yum!) and went. We caught a showing of Some Like It Hot (HIGHLY recommended). Lemme tell you - people really get into these weekly showings! They go all out. I saw people with mini tables, candles, the works. It was definitely a fun, unique way to go out in LA. And I wanna go again this summer. I would love to see a scary movie - how awesome would that be? Too bad I don't know too many people who like scary movies. Any takers?

They have an awesome selection of old classic movies and cult hits. It's a total hipster heaven. It's just really fun to sit out under the stars and watch a movie!

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