Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vegas baby

My family and I have been making yearly trips to Vegas ever since part of our family moved there about 15 years ago. And while I got to visit just about every arcade on the strip, there wasn't much else kid-friendly to see. So despite being a Vegas veteran, I'm just now getting to do the actual fun stuff. One thing I'm dying to see is the Boneyard. Basically it's a final resting place for all the old signs. Whoever came up with that idea is genius. You can reserve a tour there, but unfortunately it'll be closed next weekend when I go. Sigh. Next time!


  1. whoa whoa whoa.. youre going to vegas next weekend?! and i wanna go to that place!! i never knew about it.. lets goooooo haha

  2. yep we're going next weekend to see the fam bam. you and I need to take a trip there!

  3. yes we do!! we need to plan one for this summer like asap so i can get the time off work :] text me.