Monday, May 3, 2010

The September Issue

So I just watched The September Issue for the first time last night (I know right?). Pretty good. It was able to melt the icy image you have of Anna Wintour a little bit. You get to see her laugh and smile and interact with her family. I think that that quote from A Devil Wears Prada is really the best way to look at Wintour: "If it were a man, no one would be saying anything" (or something like that...) Oh, and don't you want to be friends with Grace? Like, right now? And Andre Leon Talley? I just kept saying, "Are you for real? You're a real person?" I think the documentary could be done better and dug deeper, but overall it was an interesting look into the two biggest personalities behind Vogue and how the magazine gets done every month.

Last but not least - wouldn't you kill to see all the photos that didn't make it into the magazine?


  1. i heart andre leon talley. so so so so much. His column in vogue is pretty much the only one i read.

    i still need to see this.

  2. yeah I'm usually not into vogue cause it's so unattainable but this movie made me appreciate it more for it's art